Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Not going to lie, I definitely raided the freezer and fridge for this soup. And I’m not ashamed. This was a “I’m sick and it’s freezing cold outside and don’t feel like leaving the house to get anything” kind of meal, so that’s how I ended up with a deconstructed chicken pot pie. Fighting off a sinus infection and nasty head cold, I didn’t want to mess with making a crust, I didn’t want to bother with puff pastry tops, and I definitely didn’t want to bother myself with turning the oven on and making a casserole, so this soup was born. Everything in one pot to simmer and that’s it.

The veggies? I used the ugly ones that were about to go bad in the bottom of the crisper in the fridge. The rice I poured the soup over? Leftover from the day before. Since I did want some texture for the “crust” portion of the chicken pot pie, pantry staples came in and saved the day: panko breadcrumbs and nutritional yeast toasted up in a pan of garlic-infused olive oil. It gave me the crunch and depth I was looking for in a topping for this soup. But the game changer? Rotisserie chicken. I always keep one on hand in the freezer for stock, so when I was making stock for this soup, I just shredded the meat that had already fallen off the bone for the soup and set it aside. Double the duty and a win for reinforcing that chicken flavor I wanted.

I can proudly say that in the moment, this soup cost me exactly zero dollars to make the other day. Even if you have to go run to the store to grab a few things, more than likely, you already have the majority of what you need at home so it shouldn’t be much. I promise that you’re going to love this soup. It’s filling and absolutely cozy. It’s truly comfort in a bowl and perfect now that winter is in full swing.


Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Cook time: 45 minutes

Serves: 6-8

Olive oil

2 small onions, diced

6 small celery stalks, chopped 

6 small carrots, peeled and chopped

1 medium yellow potato, diced 

1 fresh thyme sprig

Kosher salt 

Black pepper

1 tbsp poultry seasoning

1 tbsp dried oregano

1 tbsp dried parsley 

1 tbsp granulated garlic

1 tbsp herbes de provence

4 cups shredded cooked chicken, white and dark meat

4 tbsp all-purpose flour

8 cups unsalted chicken stock

1 cup milk or half and half

1 cup frozen sweet peas

Toasted seasoned panko breadcrumbs, for serving*

Steamed white rice, for serving

*Note: the breadcrumbs I made were seasoned up with kosher salt, black pepper and a generous dash of nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast gives food a cheesy, nuttiness and I love using it for an extra punch of flavor.

In a large stockpot, over medium heat, heat enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Then, sauté the onions, celery, carrots, and potatoes until the onions are translucent, about 5-7 minutes. Add the fresh thyme spring and liberally season with kosher salt and black pepper. Then, add the remaining seasonings and cook for another 5 minutes to let them bloom with the heat.

Next, add the shredded chicken and stir well. Then, sprinkle the flour over the chicken and veggie mixture. Combine well and stir to fully incorporate the flour in. Cook for about 5 minutes. Gradually add the chicken stock to the pot, one cup at a time. Bring the soup up a boil and cook for about 25 minutes or until everything is nice and happy. Then, stir in the cup of milk or half and half and make sure it’s well combined. If the soup is still a little too runny for your liking, you can let it reduce a bit more or add a cornstarch slurry to the mixture, whatever you prefer!

Finally, fold in the frozen peas before serving. The heat from the soup will cook the peas without making them too mushy. Serve the soup over steamed rice and top with toasted breadcrumbs.

¡Buen provecho!