Hey, y’all! I went ahead and compiled a little resource page for the blog. Here, you’ll find some of my favorite staples in my kitchen, cookbooks, websites, and food blogs. Happy cooking!


Chef Steps

Aside from being the home of the smartphone-powered Joule sous vide machine, this is a go-to site for elevated yet approachable recipes with step-by-step instructions.

America’s Test Kitchen

A methodical and scientific approach to cooking can be found here. If you want to know the how and why behind a cooking, look no further!

Cooking Channel

Do you remember when The Food Network first started and it was just cooking shows all the time? This is that.

The Kitchn

A beautiful online magazine for fun food reads, easy recipes, and stunning kitchen design.

Basically by Bon Appetit

A no-fuss and simple hands-on approach to cooking 101. It features easy recipe rundowns, walkthroughs, and video tutorials for delicious eats!


Tons and tons of recipes, kitchen tips, and fun videos for home cooks and professionals alike.


Amazing food and travel content that explores different cultures and lifestyles across a global community. One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow (they also have an app)!


Gorgeous photos, delicious recipes, and a food community that’s passionate about their work. One of my favorite food sites, hands-down.

Food Safety

An excellent source for food safety information, food recalls and alerts, and proper food handling methods. There’s also a USDA FoodKeeper app available in Apple and Google Play stores that’s a great help for correct food preparation and how to eliminate excessive food waste.


Click here to see my full pantry list.


Puerto Rican Cookery (Cocina Criolla), Carmen Aboy Valldejuli

Eating Puerto Rico, Cruz Miguel Ortíz Cuadra

How to Cook Everything: The Basics, Mark Bittman

Back Pocket Pasta, Colu Henry

Salt Fat Acid Heat, Samin Nosrat

Barefoot Contessa At Home, Ina Garten

The Cooking Gene, Michael W. Twitty

Coconuts & Collards, Von Diaz

Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night: Bringing Your Family Together with Everyday Latin, Daisy Martinez

Mad Hungry, Lucinda Scala Quinn

Tyler’s Ultimate, Tyler Florence

The Latin Table, Isabel Cruz

Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food, Nik Sharma

In My Kitchen, Ted Allen

Cravings, Chrissy Teigen

Simply Delicioso, Ingrid Hoffman

Ratio, Michael Ruhlman

Beyond The Plate: Top Food Blogs from Around the World, Daniela Galarza

Will Write for Food, Dianne Jacobs


How long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking since I was 9-years-old. With working parents and a younger brother to feed, I was put in charge of starting dinner before Mom got home from work. The first thing I learned how to make aside from scrambled eggs was a pot of rice. The cooking bug really bit me while in college when I would feed my roommates after a night of partying. My passion to get more out of cooking at home really kicked in while I was unhappy at my last job and trying to find a healthy work-life balance.

What did you do prior to kitchen work?

I received my Bachelor’s degree in communication with a concentration in media studies from College of Charleston. I waited tables and interned at a local newspaper while in college and got into the tech industry when I graduated. I love the food industry and technology, so naturally, this was the next step in my journey. It’s a fantastic fit.

What’s your favorite food to make?

I love making food that makes people happy! Food memories are so meaningful to me and I’ve realized that making simple food is the way to do so. I find that being able to make simple and humble foods taste really, really good is a true skill. So, elevating these foods is what I strive to do. I’m also a firm believer in putting love and good energy into your food, so in my mind, something as simple as a bowl of rice and beans should be the most satisfying dish you’d ever eat.

How do you enjoy your free time?

I know I shouldn’t say cooking, but honestly, I love it so much. It’s how I relax and unwind. When I’m not in the kitchen, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, my dog, and reading. I love browsing kitchenware aisles in stores and going to the library. I enjoy proper Netflix binges. And during the summer, I practically live at the beach.

Will you cook for me?

Of course! Click here to send me an email and we can chat about it.


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